About This Shop


My first love is tools.

Tools enable us to increase our capability and capacity when creating things. Tools also have the ability to inspire us in ways that are not easily defined. One of my favorite tools is a No 6 hand plane from around 1919. Every time I pick it up I imagine the craftspeople who used this same tool to create things before I was even born. There are also many tools in my shop that I made myself to solve a specific problem. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from using something that I created to create something else.

I see guitars through this mindset. For me a guitar is a tool used to make music and everything else comes secondary. Many guitars are built to be a status symbol, or a piece of art. Mine are made to be a functional tool.

For me, a guitar needs to be functional, comfortable, sounds great, and be repairable. It also needs to be beautiful in a way that inspires the user, but simple in its aesthetic as to not undermine its primary functions.

As such, my workshop generates simple and well built instruments that are within the realm of real musicians (and not just lawyers and doctors). Every guitar is handbuilt in my small shop using local materials whenever possible. I would be thrilled to have my craft become an integral part of yours.

What I expect from you:

  • I will not build something that is a clone of something that you can buy
  • I prefer to spend my time working on cool and unique builds because that is what is going to motivate me to work on it and do a great job.
  • I will only build something that I think is cool and should exist in the world
  • This is a hobby that affords me some sanity from my day job and the stress of life. That only happens if I am engaged and committed to the project.
  • I can’t commit or promise to a timeline
  • This hobby is a lower priority for me than my family, or my day job. As a result, my production in the shop will adjust to meet the needs of my family and company.
  • I expect the payment for all materials before I start work. Full payment will be expected before you take possession of the instrument.

What you can expect from me:

I will not let an instrument leave this shop unless it is the best instrument I can make with the skills and equipment that I can manage.

I fully believe that you will be happy with your instrument.

If you are not, I will happily pay you back for the materials you purchased and keep the instrument for myself, or sell it to someone else (part of the reason that I insist that we agreed on the design of the instrument). If your instrument has any customized details (inlays of your initials or something) you will be charged for that custom work.

Scott W Klaasen

Scott W. Klaasen is a West Michigan based luthier dedicated to quality repairs, custom guitars, and custom basses.